Cousin's Restaurant 2019, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada</head>
Cousin's Restaurant

Served with fries and coleslaw

Cousin's Club: toasted double decker with turkey, tomato, mayo, bacon, and cheese $9.95

Club Sandwich: toasted double decker with turkey, tomato, mayo, & bacon $9.75

Smoked meat platter on rye bread w/ dill pickle $9.95

Cheeseburger deluxe $8.95

Double cheeseburger deluxe (2 burgers) $12.95

Cousin's cheeseburger deluxe (6 oz. patty) $12.95

Hamburger deluxe $8.75

Double hamburger deluxe (2 burgers) $12.75

Cousin's hamburger deluxe (6 oz. patty) $12.75

Lobster sandwich deluxe $18.95

Lobster burger deluxe $12.95

Western sandwich deluxe $8.50

Chicken strips $8.95

Grilled cheese deluxe $8.50

Grilled cheese bacon deluxe $8.75

Turkey sandwich deluxe $8.50

BLT deluxe $8.50

Cold or hot turkey burger deluxe $8.50

Ham & egg sandwich deluxe $8.50

Bacon & egg sandwich deluxe $8.50

*You may replace the potatoes for onion rings or salad at an extra charge

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